Other Benefits Of A Neighborhood Watch


While the main purpose of a neighborhood watch group is to patrol their area and report suspicious activity to their neighbors and local law enforcement, there are indeed other situations where the duties of a neighborhood watch program is also effective. Take for instance natural disasters or emergencies. Back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the southeastern part of the country, stories emerged about how neighborhood patrol members made sure to check on and account for all of their neighbors, whom they usually kept an eye on for crime and safety reasons.

By having this already formed community watch group, neighbors knew each other and could rely on each other’s help to weather the storm, so to speak. When local emergency crews came through their area, members of the group were able to account for missing neighbors and their pets, where they lived and other important information that helped aid the rescue workers who were attempting to find them.

This is a heroic example of how neighborhood and community watch programs can come together during other types of situations, other than just informing their neighbor of a person or car that seemed out of place in the area. Your neighborhood can form its own patrol program today. Start by contacting local law enforcement for resources and advice on how to start the group. Encourage your neighbors and interested community members to become familiar with home and fire safety tips found here: SelectHomeSecurity.com or on other various home, fire and safety websites.

Top Five Duties Of A Neighborhood Watcher


An effective way of creating a safe residential neighborhood is to create a neighborhood watch group. Such a group usually has multiple members that are responsible for looking out for the safety of everyone living in the neighborhood. A neighborhood watcher should have official contact information of his or her neighbors. In case of an emergency, there needs to be a way of sending out information instantly about the neighborhood’s ongoing events. The best way for a neighborhood watcher to contact neighbors is to send bulk text messages and E-mails.Never heard of this Read the rest of this entry »

Are Neighborhood Watch Programs Effective?


Neighborhood Watch programs can be very effective. These programs are formed by the goodwill and dedication of the local residents. Neighborhood watch programs serve to provide a sense of safety and security for people living in areas that are either crime-free or have a rising rate of criminal activity.

Starting a program is not difficult. A few individuals can meet to form an informal group that will talk with other residents. Once there are enough people willing to monitor the streets and property of the neighborhood, there can be Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ten Things Not To Leave Off Your Neighborhood Watch Checklist


In order to be effective at deterring crime in your neighborhood, your watch group must be focused and organized. There are several things every neighborhood watch group needs to be successful. As you are organizing your group, be sure to consider these ten requirements.

1. Personally speak with every resident until you have a minimum of ten neighbors who will commit to being part of the watch group.

2. Have public meetings with all residents to inform them about the status of crime in the neighborhood

3. Work closely with a community liaison from the local police department.

4. Determine where the Read the rest of this entry »

The Do’s And Don’t Of Neighborhood Watching


Neighborhood watch groups are the eyes and ears of the police. They keep a watchful eye on the streets of their neighborhood and alert authorities when they notice unusual activity. The presence of a neighborhood watch group can prevent crime in a community. There are several formal and informal rules that these groups should follow to ensure they are safe while they watch for and report crime.


How To Start An Effective Neighborhood Watch


Starting an effective neighborhood watch will take the commitment and involvement of both volunteers and the local police. Depending on the city and state, the law may require a watch to be sanctioned, registered and trained by the local police department. This prevents problems from occurring, such as an individual becoming a vigilante.

First, invite neighbors over and discuss the need for the creation of a neighborhood watch. Find out who can volunteer to patrol the neighborhood and individuals are available. The watch could be active 24 hours a day, Read the rest of this entry »

How To Achieve Community Safety: It Takes A Village


Achieving community safety is not impossible or overly difficult. If your community is experiencing problems, there are things you and your neighbors can do. A community can be an apartment complex, a block of houses, an RV park, mobile home park or a college dormitory.

Ask your local police department about things you and your community can do to achieve a safe living environment. Different suggestions can include:

• Asking neighbors to pick up newspapers or mail when leaving for a few days.
• Asking a friend to drop by and turn on lights and the TV when leaving.
• Encourage neighbors to trim and clear clutter from front lawns.
• Encourage neighbors to turn on porch lights at night.
• Start a neighborhood watch; this can involve the local police department.
• For elderly or handicapped neighbors, homesecuritytown.com/adt-home-security/, have volunteers routinely check to make sure they are well.
• If a school bus stops in the neighborhood, ask neighbors to volunteer to meet it in the morning and afternoon. This provides safety for the children. The volunteer can also call the police if suspicious vehicles are noticed.
• Get to know the regular vehicles in the neighborhood. If a house is empty and an unknown car is parked in the driveway, call the police to check it out.

Your community can become a safe place to live and enjoy yourself. You will also make friends and improve property values at the same time.